Do you still look at the keyboard while typing?Do you still look at the keyboard while typing? Then you need to train yourself on how to touch type such that you will barely be looking at the keyboard while making the keystrokes in quite fast and in an accurate way. Touch typing can even be done by a child if he/she learns touch typing.

Basically touch typing is a method which involves the muscle memory rather than the use of your sight. It improves ones capability to type in a faster way much more when you need to transcribe data from another visual document. Touch typing will greatly enhance your data entry speed, improve your productivity as well as to reduce any form of typing fatigue not to mention a reduction of strain caused to eyes.

Once you are able to touch type then you will need not to look at the keyboard to locate the letters that you need to type or to feed to your computer. Typically touch type involves positioning your eight fingers in a horizontal row just along the home row in the middle of the keyboard, in order to ensure that all your fingers are able to reach for the keys. Normally their exists two forms of touch type, that is the one handed typing and two handed typing. Recently, the ability to type on the touchscreen keyboards has been realized through the use of specialized touch type keyboard.

Actually, the ability for a child to type can be enhanced dramatically through various training techniques, to an extent that a child would be able to type in a more or less similar way like a professional typist. Since for one to be much advanced in their typing techniques, lots of exercise and experience needs to be incorporated.There exist various ways by which a child can learn touch typing, from the traditional to online techniques.

Some of the best online services where child can learn touch typing


This is an online platform that enables a child to learn how to touch type in a faster and in an accurate way. It will be able to help streamline the child's leaning process using 6 tips which will thus help to develop one's valuable lifetime typing knowledge.

First, it demonstrates on the best sitting position and on the convenient home row position which involves the best way to position your fingers on the keyboard, as well as aiding in improving ones typing speed.

Moreover,it teaches how to take care of yourself, by taking a break in order to feel refreshed while typing and eventually once you have gained adequate skills then you will be able to take a test and be given a free typing certificate to confirm and certify your capability to touch type.

2.Typing test

This is a touch type service platform which will be able to effectively train a child on the best methods of how to type in a fast and in an accurate way.It offers a custom training technique and a real typing life analysis which will boost your typing speed. Furthermore, it engages you in typing games, in a free touch typing course and eventually in an advanced typing test to which you can then print your certificate to confirm your skills. Typing test is able to boost your typing just within 45 minutes of training.

3. Sense lang

This is a free and interactive touch typing platform which is also offers an enjoyable way to learn touch typing to children. It constitutes lots of challenging and free fun learning activities, ranging from free tutorials to help you memorize and locate the letters. There exists a premium course which will enable you learn by yourself as well as a touch typing games to add fun and to sharpen your accuracy while typing not to mention a school area to enable the kids to play, practice and to learn tutorials within the online class. Furthermore, the site offers a free online test help gauge your skills.

Please share your opinion about these online services and help other to improve their keyboarding skills.

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