Learning how to improve reading speed is vital to help increase the fun in reading. The average reading speed has been known to be 200 to about 350 words per minute. The speed however varies and is influenced by a number of aspects. 

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However, there is no sense in improving how fast you read and failing to capture what the content is talking about. So how to improve reading speed then? There are a number of things that one can do to improve on speed and understand what is being explained in a book or an article. Here are 4 useful tips on how to Improve your reading speed in English.

1. Understanding overall content

Understanding what the article is about is the key to getting faster. It is not easy to increase your reading rate if you are not certain where the content is leading. To help with this, have a look on the article title as well as all the subheadings. This will give a glimpse of what the content is about and will help in increasing the words you can read per minute. Improving reading speed most certainly includes understanding the ideas the writer is trying to send. It includes organizing ideas logically to remember them.

2. Use of a Pacer

The use of a pacer can be a great method on how to improve reading speed. This could be your finger, a ruler or a pen. Read what is on your pacer and do not slow down or lag behind. In most cases, the main reason as to why most people read slowly is due to lack of track on the target sentence especially when the font is small. 

3. Use of computer reading programs

The choice of computer reading programs can be a great way to help improve the speed. Such programs as Speed-Reader and Rapid-Reader flash certain words so that the reader knows what to look out for. The use of the programs could be a great way on how to improve reading speed. Get the most reputable program and make use of it. 

4. Use of a count down timer

Finally, if you wish to learn how to improve reading speed, you have to practice. This is done by timing yourself and reading as many materials per day as possible.

There are two common types of reading: the skimming and scanning. They are the widely used reading strategy of students and professionals. When you skim, you go over the text to see whether it is useful to you or not. This is an overview of the text. You do not have to follow a format like reading from the top. You can start anywhere. Scanning on the other hand is looking for a visual image. You scan the printed words that are similar and related to the information you are looking for. 

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These aspects are really important to develop your reading skills. Remember that you cannot get the skill over the weekend. You have to learn them one by one. To improve reading speed means constant reading with proper application of the methods and techniques.

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