Learning how to improve reading speed is vital to help increase the fun in reading. The average reading speed has been known to be 200 to about 350 words per minute. The speed however varies and is influenced by a number of aspects. 

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However, there is no sense in improving how fast you read and failing to capture what the content is talking about. So how to improve reading speed then? There are a number of things that one can do to improve on speed and understand what is being explained in a book or an article. Here are 4 useful tips on how to Improve your reading speed in English.

1. Understanding overall content

Understanding what the article is about is the key to getting faster. It is not easy to increase your reading rate if you are not certain where the content is leading. To help with this, have a look on the article title as well as all the subheadings. This will give a glimpse of what the content is about and will help in increasing the words you can read per minute. Improving reading speed most certainly includes understanding the ideas the writer is trying to send. It includes organizing ideas logically to remember them.

2. Use of a Pacer

The use of a pacer can be a great method on how to improve reading speed. This could be your finger, a ruler or a pen. Read what is on your pacer and do not slow down or lag behind. In most cases, the main reason as to why most people read slowly is due to lack of track on the target sentence especially when the font is small. 

3. Use of computer reading programs

The choice of computer reading programs can be a great way to help improve the speed. Such programs as Speed-Reader and Rapid-Reader flash certain words so that the reader knows what to look out for. The use of the programs could be a great way on how to improve reading speed. Get the most reputable program and make use of it. 

4. Use of a count down timer

Finally, if you wish to learn how to improve reading speed, you have to practice. This is done by timing yourself and reading as many materials per day as possible.

There are two common types of reading: the skimming and scanning. They are the widely used reading strategy of students and professionals. When you skim, you go over the text to see whether it is useful to you or not. This is an overview of the text. You do not have to follow a format like reading from the top. You can start anywhere. Scanning on the other hand is looking for a visual image. You scan the printed words that are similar and related to the information you are looking for. 

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These aspects are really important to develop your reading skills. Remember that you cannot get the skill over the weekend. You have to learn them one by one. To improve reading speed means constant reading with proper application of the methods and techniques.


Do you need to now how fast reader you are? Are you an average reader or slow reader? What is your reading through speed? If your response to the first question is "Yes" then you must check your reading through speed. It can be no rocket-science; everybody can carry out this kind of test.

Studying pace is typically measured in words per moment (wpm). It exhibits the quantity of words you'll be able to study in 1 minute. 270 wpm signifies that it is possible to read 270 words per moment, that is 4.five words per second. Below are 4 useful tips on how to measure your reading speed.

1. Choose a text
2. Calculate the number of words in text
3. Read the text and take time with a count down timer app for iPhone and Android
4. Find out your perusing pace

Decide on a text, that is 1-2 pages long. The text really should be non-fiction, so do not consider it from a novel. The tough of the text will also impact the outcomes. The more tough text you pick, the slower you're your pace will likely be. An article from newspaper is often a good selection for doing the test

Subsequent, calculate the number of words within the text. You do not need to count the words in the whole text. Rather than it you are able to estimate it. For performing it:
1. Count the number of lines within the text
2. Pick a line from your text and count the number of words in it.
3. Multiply these numbers and also you obtain the number of words within the text

Now you might be prepared for that test. Begin the stopwatch and read. When you have completed the text, quit the stopwatch and check the time.

For estimating you reading velocity you have to divide the number of words within the text by your studying time. For instance, in the event you total a 600 word text in three minutes then your pace will probably be 200 wpm. You have to deal with minutes as decimals in that calculation. It indicates that if your time is two minutes and 45 seconds then it really is 2.75 minutes.

The common perusing pace ranges from 180 to 250 words per moment. Quicker than 350 words per minute is wonderful. In the event you can do 500 wpm or far more then you are a velocity reader. Very few individuals can study that quick with out understanding pace reading through tactics.

But there is certainly constantly room for growing your reading through velocity. Even in case you can read at 1300 wpm then you are able to strengthen to 1400 wpm. Should you be an regular individual then learning speed perusing strategies will permit you to double your studying fee.

In conclusion having an impressive speed reading skills is not really a requirement for career, but it is a great unspoken advantage. The faster you read, the faster it is possible to comprehend instructions. This helps spend the rest of energy doing more worthwhile elements. It's definitely an impressive trait to have. So if you're aiming to start your self-development process, start with speed reading.

If you have noticed some rigid preferences that pit those who support hunt and peck typing against those who embrace touch typing, then you should look a little deeper to understand the full range of pros and cons on either side. The following information should broaden your understanding of the finer details regarding hunt and peck vs touch typing.

The Pros and Cons of Hunt and Peck Typing


  • This type of typing is more convenient for beginners on computer keyboard because it is easy to train.
  • Hunt and Peck is usually associated with higher levels of accuracy.
  • Typists can work with unfamiliar keyboards including Dvorak and PDAs.
  • The training process lasts a shorter time as compared to touch typing.
  • Hunt and peck typing does not require formal training and can be learnt at home, which comes with reduced costs.
  • This type of typing improves the visual acuity of the typist and enhances alertness to details.
  • Hunt and peck typing can help people develop great multi-tasking skills.
  • Some typists derive great pleasure in the aesthetics of the keyboard design leading to a closer connection with the functions.
  • Highly experienced typists find the hunt and peck ideal for the practicing of acquired creativity in the art of typing.

  • The hunt and peck typing is generally slow as compared to touch typing.
  • This type of typing forces the typist to share attention between the materials required for typing and the typing process.
  • The quality of work is adversely affected by the high level of concentration that is directed towards the keyboard.
  • Hunt and peck typists perform poorly in tasks that require high speed typing such as legal proceedings.
  • This kind of typing detracts the typist from the advances in technology and current trends in typing.
  • Hunt and peck is unsuitable for people with visual challenges because of its great reliance on visual accuracy.
To find out how fast you type now is easy, visit Ratatype page.

The Pros and Cons of Touch Typing


  • Touch typing is faster than hunt and peck and contributes towards increased proficiency in typing.
  • This typing method enhances the quality of work because the typist proceeds with undivided attention on the task.
  • Boardroom discussions, legal proceedings, and rapporteuring require this kind of typing for accuracy and quality.
  • Touch typing is a growing trend that gives a comparative advantage to those who perfect in its art.
  • This typing technique is ideal for people suffering from sight problems because it alligns more with the mental capacity.
  • The high speeds associated with touch typing help to reduce backlog and meet deadlines with remarkable ease.
  • Touch typing is associated with higher development of mental alertness for consistent users.

  • Touch typing requires more time to learn as compared to hunt and peck typing.
  • Experienced touch typists may have to undergo fresh training when presented with unfamiliar types of keyboards.
  • Touch typing may require intense and costly training that includes consistent exposure to computers. Find out free online tutors list at About.com article.
  • Some people may find this type of typing more difficult to adapt as compared to hunt and peck typing.
Few years back, typing skills were reserved for personal assistants and other office administrators in general. Pen and paper was the norm for all other individuals. Typing is a more important skill than writing nowadays since technology is the trend. Typing is involved almost everywhere; at school, at work, at home, in the cafeteria and even while in bed. Thanks to social media: Facebook, Twitter etc.

PC skills are a must have for anyone and everyone in pursuit of a job. Thus, knowing how to type quickly and efficiently will make you more marketable than your fellow job seekers who simply “finger peck”. There is great truth to the saying practice makes perfect. To modify it a bit, I’d say practice makes permanent. In order to achieve anything in life, you will need to commit yourself to daily practice.

In the educational sector among many other sectors, the use of computers has been employed greatly and therefore, it will be good to expose kids from an early age to computers and most specifically typing. This will eliminate the possibility of them developing any bad habits in relation to typing while improving their ability to transcribe huge documents in terms of word count.

While there is a plethora of keyboarding software out there to buy, there are times when this would not sound appropriate especially for the case of kids given that they are beginners who need quick and easy practice. Given below are some great free fun typing websites for kids. They focus on enabling the kid to learn to type while at the same time, being a fun way for them to pass the time while learning something worthwhile. Remember, typing is an important part of literacy development.


Ratatype.com is a free fun typing website that offers tutorials on typing. With it, your kid will end up with excellent valuable keyboarding skills. Being a great website for those who want to type better, it increases your child’s speed by 30%. Ratatype.com also offers tests to find out your kid's typing speed and thereafter awards the kid with a nice shinning certificate. It also allows you to compare the results with the high scores posted.


Keybr.com is another free typing website that is quick, basic and easy to use. It helps track your kid’s speed, errors and above all, notes the keys that the kid struggles with. In addition, it is packed with a feature that allows the user to type the content from any website by simply keying in the URL of that site.


Learn2type.com is yet another free fun typing websites for kids. Among some of its features include: Improving your kid’s speed, offering ten key tests where after each successful level, the kid is rewarded with a typing certification.All said and done, it can be clearly seen that in the world we live in today, being slow in typing wastes much of your time. Well, time waits for no man and time is money. The ball is in your court, begin training your kids at an early age.
There are many things that you need to be aware of before you get into college. You have to understand everything that's in your life so you'll know what you have to do to be a better person on your own. 

Watch for What You Pay For 

One thing to understand involves the sense of money that you might use. You need to be aware of what you spend your money on throughout your life as you will get what you pay for. 

Understand Your Laundry 

Talk with your parents about working on laundry and how to mix clothes together and how to use the right materials for washing. If you don't understand how to do laundry then your clothes will either shrink or become discolored. 

Understand Grammar 

You'll have to take a look at the difference between many different grammatical terms. People who understand the difference between "their" and "there" will be more likely to succeed. This is something that more people could utilize. You might be surprised as to how many adults out there don't get grammar all the way. 

Consider Mental Math 

You must keep your mental math skills intact in order to succeed. If you can add or multiply basic numbers in your head then you'll be more likely to be productive. Remember, you can't just use a calculator everywhere you go. 

Understand Directions for Travel 

Be sure to consider using a map or other directional tool to help you out with traveling and going places. This is to help you understand where you want to go and how to read a map. This is critical so you can have an easier time with traveling on your own. 

Touch Typing is Critical 

Touch typing is a form of typing where you will know what to type without having to look at the keyboard. It's like you work without sight to find the right keys. This can help you to be more proficient with regards to typing and to do it faster. Some tips at http://www.ratatype.com/learn/.

Keep a Card Budget 

You must learn how to keep a credit card budget. This includes knowing how to factor in what you owe, when you need to pay it off and what your limits are. You must learn this to get control of your expenses and to avoid interest charges in the future. 

Know How to Write Documents 

You have to learn about how to write a resume, cover letter and even thank you notes in order to get ahead in the world. People who know how to write will certainly have easier times with expressing themselves and getting in touch with others. 

Work On Health Appointments 

You have to see how you can get health appointments ready. You must learn how to work with things like setting up a doctor's appointment and looking to get any medications you need filled. 

Understand Responsible Sex 

Sex may be enjoyable in college but you must learn about how to handle it right. You should learn about how to work with different kinds of protective measures and to understand the importance of keeping your body healthy without risking any problems that may occur as a result of sex. 

Keep Your Records Intact

You may have a variety of records to work with ranging from your credit card and bank account numbers to things like login information for different websites. You must keep track of your login information and records while also using a way to safeguard that info from outside sources. 

Learn About Having Fun 

The last thing to do is to learn about how you can enjoy life and have fun. Remember, if you struggle with trying to live your life and focus on nothing but work then you won't have much of a life to begin with. You'll have to concentrate on what you want to do to make it work right.


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